Welcome to Tiffany Adulting!

I have been knocking around the idea of an "adulting" blog for a while now and finally pulled the trigger, paid $100 to Wix.com for this beautiful website, and got it going!

If you ever struggled to fold a fitted sheet, make a great cup of coffee, or spent more money than necessary, I can help. I'm lucky to have a genius Mom, a tribe of smart friends, and a love of research. Not everyone has those resources or the time to mine them. And so TiffanyAdulting.com was born :o)

I hope you'll come on this journey, subscribe, and see what a download of my brainwaves looks like. You might learn something new, save a few bucks, get organized, or find my spelling mistakes! Along the way we'll tackle questions big and small about the adult of it all.

You'll definitely hear about my pack of rescued dogs, the adorable girl scouts I mentor, and the fixer upper house that drains my bank account and patience. You might hear about the trials of dating at (ah-hem) 39 and why I prefer dogs to boys. If you'd like to know about something hit up the "about" page and let me know what that is.

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