Spring Cleaning - The GARAGE

If you're like me, you dread going in the garage for things because it's dark, dirty, and disorganized! For three years I have been dumping junk in my spacious 2 car garage without any plan or thought about organization. I'm the kind of person who alphabetizes my spice drawer, so this lack of order makes me nuts. After tripping over junk one too many times I finally decided to put this mess in order.

I started by throwing away tons of broken, unused, or leftovers from previous owner items. Rusty, dusty, spider egg covered garbage. I filled two 50 gallon garbage bins. In my search for trash, I came across 2 large sheets of pegboard left from the old owners. This made my organizer's heart soar! I immediately hung it on the wall and dug through my stash of leftover paint. Pink felt like the perfect color for my new lady-positive project space. Two coats of watermelon pink and one splatter on my favorite sweatshirt later I was ready for the hooks. Amazon prime to the rescue!

Next, I went through all the bins and boxes to see what was inside. Surprise! I found a box from when I moved in with kitchen items I had been wondering about but never seen. Now that I unpacked that moving box (platters & bbq tools) I could stack the other boxes and totes along the back wall and clearly label them. I have 6 totes of Christmas decorations (don't judge) and 3 of fall decorations in color-coded bins. Holidays are my jam :) Getting organized even left me with a few empty bins.

I hadn't been able to use my workbench for working since moving in. One problem was that the power outlet was on a pole in the center of the garage instead of near the workbench where it belongs. I used an extension cord and cable clips to run power up the pole, over the ceiling, and down to the bench. I decluttered the benchtop by putting items on the pegboard, into plastic drawers, or in bins by category. This year I'll be able to

pot my plants like a grown-ass woman on my potting bench.

Finally, I tackled the front of the garage. There's a van seat that lives there from the old homeowners. My city's trash pickup won't take automotive parts so I'm kind of stuck with it. I'm currently using it as a shelf. I washed the windows, swept the floor, and wiped down the bench. The finished product was a neat, bright, tidy space that I'm happy to be inside.

However bad your garage may seem, don't let it intimidate you! Getting this space in order took me the better part of a week working a little every day. There were moments that were frustrating, gross, and left me bleeding. Starting spring off with a clean space was worth all the headaches.

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