Organizing a Small Bathroom

I love buying fixer-upper homes and putting my own stamp on them. Unfortunately, older homes often come with small bathrooms lacking in storage space. I've come up with some creative ways to make my small space functional and beautiful

  • Picture Ledges - These great little shelves take up little space but can store a ton!

  • Stacking drawers/baskets - If your vanity is short on drawers (or missing them altogether. Adding a set or two of stackable drawers inside gets you nicely organized.

  • Hanging Shoe Organizer - Hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door can give you space for personal care items, cleaning products, blow dryers, and more!

  • Over the cabinet hot styling tool holders - These handy holders give you a place for curling/flat irons and blow dryers without taking up valuable counter or cabinet space.

  • Hooks - Using hooks instead of towel bars gives room for more towels to hang in a smaller space. You can find great decorative options at most home goods stores.

  • Shower Curtain with Pockets - These handy shower curtain liners have room for all your shampoos and body washes without needing shelves in your shower.

*I receive a small percentage of sales for the items in this article

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