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Meet Your Perfect Coffee Maker

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm a coffee addict (hi tiffany).

I drink coffee every morning, day, and night. I have tried every type of coffee maker and found what works best for me. Whether you're a single cup of decaf, 1/2 a pot each morning, or only occasional coffee drinker there's a perfect match for you too.

1. You drink coffee in single servings but at all hours. Or you and your partner drink different types of coffee. You need a Keurig. They give you the most freedom to brew however and whenever you like with push-button convenience.

2. You and your partner each drink 1 cup in the AM. You need a french press. French presses make a delicious cup of coffee in whatever strength you desire. Freshly ground beans and a french press create a taste that is hard to beat. The downside of the French press is that coffee cools quickly. Most presses make 2-3 cups but if you don't serve immediately the coffee will be cold.

3. You drink 1/2 a pot or more of coffee at a time. You need a Bunn! Bunn coffee makers are fast because they keep water heated and ready for brewing. They are the premium when it comes to drip coffee brewers.

4. You're not in a rush and want the best possible cup of coffee. You need a pour-over brew system. Pouring hot water over fresh grounds gives you the least bitter and most flavorful cup of coffee. If you have the patience for this individual brew method the payoff is grand. An electric kettle makes this method more convenient.

5. You want the best value when brewing coffee. A traditional drip coffee brewer is best. You can purchase inexpensive loose grounds, filters, and brew for pennies a cup. This gives you a great pot of coffee cheap which suits the budget-conscious consumer.

I receive a small portion of sales from links in this article.

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