I'm terrible at crafts!

When you're a girl there are certain things you're supposed to be good at. Like the chromosomes in your DNA should include instructions for "girl stuff". I have never been gifted in these girly arts. Blame it on my Mom and Grandma who aren't girly girls, my time spent tagging along with an older brother, or the clumsiness that keeps my fingers from doing what my brain wishes. I just suck at crafts. I also cannot sew, draw, play an instrument, bake, or knit. I have many talents outside these ladylike pursuits and usually, I just leave well enough alone.

Then I joined a Facebook group full of ideas for crafts made with dollar store finds. I thought I'd find ideas for the Girlscout troop I lead. Instead, I was flooded with amazing creations for the home and garden. I felt inspired to try my hand at some of the ideas and loaded up with so many dollar finds my wallet protested!

I decided that I'd dive into making the "pizza pan wreath". The gist is that you cut a plastic placemat and glue it to an aluminum pizza pan along with some decorative bows or silk flowers. I had seen many posted in the group and it looked easy enough. Boy was I wrong! The placemat was slightly too small and left a gap at the top and bottom needing to be covered. The glue ran and the edges curled up and I was feeling rather hopeless. Persevering, I plugged in my new glue gun and started plucking fake flowers. I needed big flowers to cover the gaps on top and bottom. I was burning the tips of my fingers trying to stick flowers and leaves around the edge and hide my cutting mistakes. The message said, stay humble and kind, and I was definitely feeling humble but not very kind. Why had I gotten myself into this mess? What made me think I could do girl things that I always suck at?

But then it was finished and it didn't look terrible. In fact, it was passable enough that I hung it on the wall. I looked at my supplies and dove into making a second wreath. I tried very hard not to criticize my imperfect abilities. I can't make a bow that looks store-bought. My creations didn't look as good as the ones others posted online. But I was having fun and making something from ordinary things that took on a new life. In the end, it wasn't about making perfect things that would impress other people, it was about making something myself.

So the next time you want to try something new and you're feeling awkward and incapable, think of me and my glue gun! Don't let being bad at something stop you from enjoying it. And maybe it will turn out alright in the end.

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