A Dozen Essentials for Grown Lady Life

I am admittedly an Amazon addict. Seriously I should go to meetings and have a mantra so I don't shop after midnight or drinking! Sometimes these late-night shops result in pure genius and make life easier. Allow me to share with you some of my successes and feed your habit.

This 5 pack of moldable mouthguards. Inexpensive yet effective, the mouthguards save you from clenching and grinding your teeth at night for a fraction of the price dentists charge. I like them better than the $400 dentist molded night guard I purchased. I did mess up my first try at molding but with 4 more tries, I got it right.

The perfect clean scent for your home is Eucalyptus Mint. Whether you use it in a diffuser, oil warmer, or humidifier, this fragrance oil will make your home smell fresh and clean for spring. I use it year-round to cover the smell of my pack of dogs and kitty. If it can tackle that kind of pet odor it can tackle anything!

If you want to get the most out of your clothing, a sweater shaver is a must! Take pills and snags off your favorite, sweaters, leggings, or sofa. I just upgraded to this model from one that burned through batteries. Rechargeable with a USB cord, the newer models are more budget and eco-friendly. I never fold a load of laundry without this gadget handy to make things look like new.

I love candles! I have them all over the house in every size, smell, and color. One of the first lessons of making your candle burn safely and efficiently is to keep the wick trimmed short. These stainless steel wick trimmer scissors are the BEST. They are angled to allow you to dip into deep candles easily. Never get wax on your good scissors again.

My combination skin is the bane of my existence. I'm at the age where fine lines are coming and I'm still battling breakouts. This vitamin C serum is a game-changer. I combine it with my moisturizer and it helps to hydrate my skin and brighten my complexion. Most days I don't wear any foundation anymore.

The world's most comfortable sneakers. These Sketchers Summit shoes are lightweight, stretchy, and lined with memory foam. I'm working my way up to owning them in every color. The best part is that they are also super cute and go with nearly everything.

When my niece got a fab new set of makeup brushes for Christmas, I realized that I hadn't bought new brushes in 20 years (I know I'm old!). I picked up this amazing 21 piece set which includes blenders and a brush cleaner and I love them. They apply beautifully and clean up easily. Everyone should treat themselves to something new after a couple decades.

When I noticed that I hadn't touched my GPS in months and I was juggling my phone looking at directions, I needed a better plan. I purchased this awesome phone mount for the car that holds my phone at eye level and wirelessly charges at the same time. It works for any phone size/type and adjusts easily.

I'm the world's biggest nerd for office supplies. These handy mail openers make sorting through the mail faster, easier, and more fun! Not your stuffy shiny letter opener (ok boomer) but fun and colorful. I stash them around the house to make sure I don't let the mail pile up.

The last thing I ever thought I would purchase is a selfie stick! I always thought of them as something that tacky tourists and tween girls used. But I was traveling to see my family and wanted a way to get a family portrait with all of us included. I have since used it to take professional portraits, dating app pics, and adorable dog photos. The adjustable grip works for many phones and it comes with a bluetooth remote control.

Living with pets means living with tons of dust and hair floating around the house. I'm not a fan of climbing step ladders or crawling on the floor so this extendable microfiber duster is a lifesaver. It gets the dust bunnies that cling to the bottom of my kitchen cabinets, slides under furniture, and reaches up to snag cobwebs. Then I just toss it in the washer and it's ready to use again.

Be an independent woman and move that sh!# yourself! With these furniture movers, you can lift and slide heavy furniture. I recently pulled up the carpet in my house and polished the hardwood underneath. To accomplish this I had to move a whole house full of furniture by myself. This handy gadget lets me slide a sectional sofa alone!

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