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Hi! I'm Tiffany

I was a career-focused Type "A" doer of all things. Then I got sick. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a prolonged illness. My whole life changed. I left corporate America for the brave new world of freelancing and being a professional patient. I searched high and low for treatments and found a lot more snake oil than relief. I learned a little bookkeeping, a little SEO, and a ton about how to slow down and reprioritize my life. 

Out of necessity (and a series of fixer-uppers), I learned about homeownership and DIY. With a brief stint in Real Estate and some elbow grease, I earned a profit on the sale of 3 houses in 5 years. I created cozy well-designed spaces on a budget and enjoy helping others to maximize their investment in their homes.

I am a nerd for cleaning, purging, and organizing! I love to shop but I might love donating, selling, and tossing trash just as much. If I didn't have some physical limitations I would absolutely have a career as a professional organizer. Finding great bargains gives me a special thrill and I do a little professional shopping to feed my own shopping budget :)

This blog is a place to download my brain and hopefully help some folks in the process.


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